Pots In Action is a curated Instagram feed that covers a wide range of themes within ceramics: animals to architecture, tea to texture, cake to cultural context, stripes to social engagement. Guest hosts who are well-versed on their topics post daily for two to three weeks on the Pots In Action Instagram feed. The aim is to post educational,  high-quality content, as compelling aesthetically as it is in substance, initiating conversation about the many different roles that clay plays in our world.

Ayumi Horie first created Pots In Action in 2005, when the project featured a map of images of her own pottery being used by others all over the world. She wanted to show pots in context, instead of on the ubiquitous gray background of the time. In 2015, Pots In Action evolved into a crowd-sourcing project and onto to the platform of Instagram, where it continues to cover global ceramics.

Contact potsinaction@gmail.com for more info.

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